Fritzing in the press, across universes

Fritzing has always been at home in many worlds. It’s a tool that is equally used by designers and artists who are looking for a simple way to bring their concepts to life, as well as by DIYers and makers of all kinds who love to play with electronics.

Two recent publications exemplify this diversity: The exclusive British design-trends magazine “Viewpoint” (issue 27) writes about Fritzing as an example of the implications that DIY has for business, and the French hobbyist magazine “Eletronique Pratique” (issue 356) has an 8-page feature introducing Fritzing in-depth.

press images

Thanks to Kai Wiechmann for photographing us for Viewpoint and thanks to Yves Mergy for the French tutorial.

Fritzing is socializing

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We figured there are so many small things happening around Fritzing that never make it into the blog. That’s what the twitter feed will be for. The Facebook group will be used for more general announcements – and to get to know you!