Printoo: Paper-Thin, Flexible Arduino-Compatible modules!

Yet another very interesting project is up on Kickstarter: The Printoo project consists of various modules with connections to join them together in order to “give intelligence to everyday objects”. Nothing new so far, but: the circuit boards are made of a very thin, flexible and therefore bendable, low power plastic plate with all the wiring printed on it with conductive ink. This now enables us to use Arduino & co in new areas that were not possible before. You can acquire an Atmel Atmega328 module, very thin sensors, batteries and internet modules… basically everything you need to bring your 3D objects to life.

Nice idea by Ynvisible.

EnergyHack Berlin

The Open Knowledge Foundation is organising the EnergyHack Berlin hackathon this weekend as a contribution to the “energy revolution” everyone is talking about in Germany, and we are also sponsoring this event.

All hardware hacks that will be documented using Fritzing and shared online will get free PCBs from our Fab Service.

This will be a very exciting opportunity to use public big data and combine it with small data collected with IoT devices. If you are a tinkerer, a developer, a designer or just interested, just join us and spread the word!

Expertenworkshop für den Hackday “EnergyHack” from Open Knowledge Foundation on Vimeo.