Fritzing 0.9.8 released

We have released Fritzing 0.9.8 on Monday, 9th of August 2021. We tested it for Windows 10, Windows 11 (preview), macOS BigSur, macOS High Sierra, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.04, Fedora 34.

Fritzing 0.9.8


Since the 0.9.6 release, we were able to close ~250 issues in our fritzing-app repo.

  • Fixes a regression with generic ICs in Fritzing 0.9.7 #3859
  • Bump up Qt version for Linux builds, we now use 5.15.2 for all platforms
  • Build an AppImage We created an AppImage based on Ubuntu 18.04. Fritzing is now able to run on any system with glibc 2.27 or later.
  • Read single FZP files For parts developers, we added the ability to open an FZP file directly. Fritzing can then bundle the file into an FZPZ. This can ease the workflow for developers who use external editors to create parts.
  • Selection dropdowns are transparent #3848
  • stroke-width not inherited when exporting to Gerber #3843
  • Incorrectly configured fzp file crashes parts editor #3839
  • Invalid .FZP file causes a segfault #3838
  • Error when updating parts #3836
  • Platform, Board and Port menus are a barely readable white on grey on macOS #3833
  • Silkscreen path not appearing in Gerber output #3809
  • Arduino Nano Export SVG Missing #3782
  • GUI is blocked for up to 2 minutes until the check is complete #3677
  • Duplicating a net label in schematic view causes phantom ratsnest connections to appear. It cannot be deleted either. #3340
  • Net label copy bug? #2308
  • Interesting stuff happens when you paste formatted stuff into notes #711

New parts

  • Sony’s Spresense Boards and Camera

Updated translations

The following translations have received some care - German - French - Italian - Japanese - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Ukrainian


Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this release possible. Namely Bruno Santos Ramalhete, Daniel Gun, Josh Morgenstern, Peter Van Epp, A. Faina !

The release is available in our downloads section.