Build a Tinkercup, an IoT starter project for your office desk

Tinkercup is a coffee cup connected to the internet that shows the user the temperature of his cup and how many cups he is drinking per day. The project was created by our colleagues at IXDS for the fresh German edition of WIRED. <% include picture.html class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1313" img="tinkercup-wired" ext="jpg" alt="tinkercup-wired" width="768" height="768" %> You can build your own Tinkercup with the kit that’s available now from Tinkersoup Berlin for 39,90 € -- including the Spark Core. The latest issue of WIRED also features an interview about IoT and the Tinkercup with the founder of IXDS, Reto Wettach and managing partner Nancy Birkhölzer. Get yours, connect it, drink coffee and share your temperature with other - and most importantly, start tinkering!