The MaketechXconference at Berlin’s Platoon Kunsthalle will take place from 8 – 9 of November 2013. It invites inspired thinkers, makers and developers to enter an intense, two-day conference of ambitious tinkering, lively discussions and hands-on innovation with smart tech, DIY development and plenty of focused ingenuity.

See the MaketechXlab – a mobile Fablab – to turn tentative ideas into tangible prototypes. Fritzing sponsored the electronic teaching material! «It’s high time to put humanity back in control of technology; so sign up to join our roster of key thinkers and passionate activists and help us realise simple – and simply inspired – solutions that promote positive change on any level!», so far the MakeTechX initiators.

A lot of interesting talks will be held and you can join ours on Friday, 12 o’clock. We will have a small hands on demonstration of the Fritzing Creator Kit on Friday, too. It will take place from 11 o’clock AM to 1 o’clock PM.

Hope to see you there :-)