We have a winner!!!

Calandria is the winner of the Fritzing Goodie Contest!

Finally, the last parts arrived today in the morning. I soldered all goodie contest finalists and tried them out.


Calandria is actually a synthesizer. Two potentiometers are influencing via a LED and light depending resistor a the outputted bird like sound. In the end the PCB size, number of components and cuteness of the product were the winning properties.

Congratulations to the other two finalists, too. Both projects are quiet amazing:

Touch my piano is sounding pretty cool, like if you would play on an old saw. It is fun and I caught myself not being able to stop. The imperial march was sounding fantastic, even if Jonathan couldn’t hear, what I was playing ;)

The Fritzing Amplifier is like a module, extending the abilities of (e.g.) the Arduino Board. It amplifies the output to drive a real 8Ohm speaker and the outputted sound has a much higher quality. If you ask me, each Arduino-Kit should contain it.

Thank you all participants for your great ideas and keep on making!

Yours sincerely,


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