Goodie Contest Finalists

We got many great submissions for our goodie contest through the projects gallery and via mail, and it is now time to announce the finalists. The overarching theme this time was definitely “sound”, which makes a lot of sense when you want to build something entertaining that has to fit into a small space.

Thanks to all participants, and special applause to finalists Zack Freedman, toylab, and Michael Franz for sharing their creations!

We will now produce these three gizmos with the current round of Fritzing Fab, and next week we will announce the winner!

Touch my piano by Zack Freedman, based on Jay Silver’s famous Drawdio, is, well, a cute little piano that generates sound with a 555 timer to a buzzer simply by touching the metal plates or attaching other things to it.

Calandria MkII by toylab is a funky little bird that generates quite convincing chirping sounds by twisting its wings. Check out the video!

Fritzing Amplifier by Michael Johannes Franz is a convenient little audio amplifier for playing your generated sounds into a proper speaker, instead of being stuck with those piezo buzzers.