gitzing Fritzing

Back in 2008, we had to make a decision about source control. We were then using googlecode with Subversion. The Fritzing application had been built in Java on top of a couple of frameworks that were in turn sitting on top of the Eclipse framework, but we had decided to switch to Qt and C++ (and looking back, we have absolutely no regrets about that).

The question was whether to switch source control as well, and I remember Brendan arguing that we should go over to git, but at the time googlecode didn’t support it and git was still a bit of a new kid on the block, so we made the conservative choice and stuck with Subversion.

The world looks different in 2013, and we are belatedly moving our repository to git. We are remaining with googlecode because our issue tracker is a very rich resource which is nicely integrated with source control, and there didn’t seem to be a way to move it elsewhere without losing that coupling.

The old svn repository is still available at, and for that reason (and because we tried it, and it didn’t go so well), we decided not to convert the Subversion history, just the latest trunk code. This will also make cloning a lot quicker. You can clone the code using: git clone

There are a number of different workflow styles possible using git. For the moment, if you have made code changes you would like to see in the core, add an issue to the issue tracker, and attach a git patch.

Cheers and a happy May Day.