Arduino and Fritzing Workshop: Nordakademie 2012

This year, we were invited again by our dear friend Martin Hieronymus to teach the basics of Arduino and Physical Computing at the Nordakademie in Elmshorn near Hamburg.

The weekend workshop as usual started with the basics: Digital Out and In, Analog Out and In and serial communication. In the afternoon, we showed them how to make PCBs with Fritzing. On the second day, the students got together in teams and had to work on a set of topics: music, environment, home, alarm clocks, toys, social network or car. At the end of the day, each group had a fully working prototype ready to present.

One group for example invented a game in which players have to jump to a randomly selected place to hit a button - or have to be the second to do so. Another group came up with a beer mat, which monitors not only if the beer gets empty, but also if it becomes to warm.

It was interesting to see how different groups handle tasks in different ways. Find the pictures in our Flickr-Pool.