Arduino Video Workshop

This years Fritzing gift is something very special: A complete Arduino Workshop!

Learning Arduino with the Fritzing Starter Kit

14 Episodes of compressed knowledge of this famous Microcontroller for free and for you! Please share and comment.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas :)

  1. Learning Arduino Episode 001 – Electronic Basics This episode will explain electronic basics like voltage, current, power and different circuits.
  2. Learning Arduino Episode 002 – Arduino introduction This episode is introducing the Arduino board.
  3. Learning Arduino Episode 003 – Digital Out with Blink This episode will show you, what a digital signal is an how you can transfer a program on the Arduino board. The Arduino programming environment is explained, too.
  4. Learning Arduino Episode 004 – Digital Out with SOS This episodes shows the use of for-loops and arrays.
  5. Learning Arduino Episode 005 – Breadboard Prototyping Breadboards are very useful to prototype ideas in short time. This episode will show, how to work with it.
  6. Learning Arduino Episode 006 – Digital In with a button The digital input is the topic of this episode. The need of a drop down resistor is explained and in programming the if-condition.
  7. Learning Arduino Episode 007 – Amplification with a transistor Amplification is needed very often. The main principle of it is shown here.
  8. Learning Arduino Episode 008 – Analog Out with Fading The difference between digital and analog signals is explained, PWM introduced and we will send an analog signal out to fade a LED.
  9. Learning Arduino Episode 009 – Analog In with Servo and Knob This episode will show the principle of sensing a resistor relation. A potentiometer and even a servo motor will be explained.
  10. Learning Arduino Episode 010 – Analog In with Servo and LDR This episode will show you the use of a reference resistor when using analog sensors.
  11. Learning Arduino Episode 011 – Serial communication Transmit signals from the Arduino to the computer.
  12. Learning Arduino Episode 012 – FIRMATA This episode will show you how to work with Arduino and Processing using the FIRMATA library.
  13. Learning Arduino Episode 013 – PCB layout with Fritzing In this episode I will show you, how to make a PCB out of your circuit using Fritzing.
  14. Learning Arduino Episode 014 – using modules This episode will show you how to extend your Arduino.