Fritzing Fab is finally here!

Fritzing Fab

Even though it didn’t take us as long as DNF, we are aware that we were a bit optimistic with our previous announcements. But now it’s finally here: Fritzing Fab is open for business!

You can now go to and order a PCB directly from your Fritzing sketch. (Just use your account to log in.)

We hope that you are pleased with how easy the process is. No long lists of parameters – no worries. The prices are very low, too, and the more you order the cheaper it gets.

This new video should also give you a taste how quickly you can turn your breadboard sketch into a sweet custom PCB:

With the opening of Fab we have now come full circle. When you look closely at the photo above, you can see that it is the realization of the original vision sketch that you can still find on our front page. :)

Why did it take us so long? Besides some technical issues, this is a bit of a risky undertaking for an open-source project like us. Because PCB production is only efficient when producing large quantities, this will only work when enough people are ordering. As with the starter kits, all profit goes back into the further development of Fritzing.

So let’s keep the fingers crossed and give Fab a try.

Comments from the old blog:

  1. isnoop #2. Aug. 2011, 19:26This is excellent! I can't wait to use it in the coming months.
  2. Jürgen B #7. Aug. 2011, 20:03Hi, sorry, have i understand it right? An PCB with 100 x 160 mm will cost about 80,- Euro? I can not believe :-( I think, it will be much to expensive :-( Bey Juergen :-(
  3. André Knörig #9. Aug. 2011, 15:37Hi Jürgen, remember that this is the price for a single, individual PCB. And even though we are really small, this is actually still cheaper than the best known pooling PCB service in Europe -- and the profit goes back into Fritzing. We'd be happy to learn how to offer an even less expensive service, while still delivering the same quality.
  4. darius #7. Okt. 2011, 13:14I read in the FAQ, that you might accept Gerber or eagle files at some point if enough interest raises. Is there a specific place where I can cast my vote for this?
  5. André Knörig #23. Okt. 2011, 09:54Hi Darius, You just did. :)