A question for our ubuntu users

Hi Ubuntu-person,

We have been building our linux binary releases on Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.  Is it time for us to move to 10.04 LTS instead?  Please let us know–particularly if you still prefer 8.04.4–by adding a comment to this post.


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Comments from the old Blog:

  1. isnoop #1. Juni 2011, 04:22I'm all in favor for 10.04 and any other LTS as soon as the community accepts it.
  2. bweber #2. Juni 2011, 03:48So far I'm running fine in 11.04. Thank you for all the work on this software!
  3. jestin #10. Juni 2011, 20:21Most Ubuntu users who bother do design their own circuits are likely to be running the latest, or the second latest release (I'm still on 10.10). And by release, I mean regular releases, not necessarily the LTS release. I would recommend building on the latest, regardless of whether it's LTS or not. Thanks for the great software.
  4. tmberthold #11. Juni 2011, 23:05because it is free, there is no motivation NOT to upgrade Ubuntu when a new version comes out. In fact, every new Ubuntu version seems to use less RAM and disk space, plus has newer versions of software. So I think many people will use the latest versions of Ubuntu, and I vote for moving to version 10.04. Thank you for your great software!
  5. cqexbesd #13. Juni 2011, 10:10A common practice (in my limited experience), when it comes to internal support for Ubuntu in large organisations, is they support the last LTS and on a best effort basis, the most recent release, LTS or otherwise. You may have no wish to support 2 releases in which case I'd say go for the most recent LTS only. It will be easier for users on a newer release to run something build for the previous LTS than if things were reversed.
  6. inizul #17. Juni 2011, 23:56I vote for moving to version 10.04 Thank you for this great software!
  7. Angus Pearson #23. Juni 2011, 00:17If you must use 10.04, but 10.10 is great, although at the moment Unity and 11.04 haven't got my respect (Especially as it didn't work with my desktop cube!!!). But thanks for the great work, and go for the 10.04 LTS.
  8. Entropicus #23. Juni 2011, 22:01When you install software for circuit design, most likely your interest is more in applications than in the operating system itself. As long as your applications run nicely, you wish stability in the background OS. For this kind of person, Long Term System version is best. However, I have seen more software development oriented people like the ultimate version, a never ending story about making programs to fit the new one. I balance between renew and stability, is the latest LTS. Honestly, I expected you already had a Fritzing version for 10.04, because an Ubuntu user rarely had any reason for not upgrade a LTS version (it took five years its development).
  9. Chris Bristol #19. Juli 2011, 01:48I agree with the majority that an LTS version is best. I've been using 11.04LTS without any problems so would vote for that.
  10. LightScape66 #20. Juli 2011, 12:14@Angus: 11.04 will also use Gnome if you configure it. I don't like Unity, too! Unity may be okay for beginners, but experienced users and those, who will use a lots of applications may prefer Gnome 2.x.
  11. Jonathan Cohen #22. Juli 2011, 18:00Hi, As you probably know, the binary release for Fritzing 0.6 was built using 10.04.2 LTS. Cheers, - j