Support for further microcontrollers - Wiring, Propeller, you name it

Fritzing is not tied to the use of an Arduino, in fact you don’t need to use a microcontroller at all. We are very aware that many communities exist around a wealth of other nice microcontroller boards, and we would like to support them as well!

So with some support from the producers of the board themselves, we are introducing further microcontroller alternatives into the Fritzing ecosystem. In the new release, due tomorrow, you will already get this sweet array of choices:

different controllers

Besides the Arduino and its variants Mega and Nano, you can now use:

  • Modified's pico, an Arduino-compatible micro-scale board (thanks to Brian Evans)
  • mbed, a new ARM-based microcontroller on steroids (thanks to Simon Ford)
  • Wiring and Wiring Mini, Arduino's sister project (thanks to Hernando Barragán)
  • Basic Stamp, the classic from Parallax in all its colorful variations (thanks to Ken Gracey)
  • Propeller, the new multicore processor from Parallax (also thanks to Ken)

Plus, in the community contributed section you can find: the Mignon Game Kit (thanks to Olaf Val), theBare-Bones Board (thanks to Janis), the Pks-01 (thanks to Michael Franz), and the Ardweeny (thanks to Cameron Behar).

And more are coming up!

What does it mean to you?  Well, besides being able to document and share your projects with everyone, this allows you to easily create pcbs for them, either as shields or with a plug for your favorite microcontroller.

Let us know which microcontroller you are still missing, in the comments!

Comments from the old Blog:

  1. Nathan Andrew Fain #16. April 2010, 02:59fritzing updates, ymmy! teensy and teensy++ would be great:
  2. André Knörig #16. April 2010, 11:10Yeah, they are nice and not so difficult to make. We'll try to include them soon!
  3. joshuajnoble #17. April 2010, 16:45Nice work! I definitely think teensy would be nice too.
  4. dmaugis #27. Mai 2010, 23:50I try to do a part for BV511, an ARM LPC2132 board by ByVac.
  5. whitedragon #13. Juli 2010, 11:12Nice work just wondering when the ardunio pro mini will be ready