Fritzing 0.9.8 released

We have released Fritzing 0.9.8 on Monday, 9th of August 2021. We tested it for Windows 10, Windows 11 (preview), macOS BigSur, macOS High Sierra, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.04, Fedora 34.

Fritzing 0.9.8


Since the 0.9.6 release, we were able to close ~250 issues in our fritzing-app repo.

  • Fixes a regression with generic ICs in Fritzing 0.9.7 #3859
  • Bump up Qt version for Linux builds, we now use 5.15.2 for all platforms
  • Build an AppImage We created an AppImage based on Ubuntu 18.04. Fritzing is now able to run on any system with glibc 2.27 or later.
  • Read single FZP files For parts developers, we added the ability to open an FZP file directly. Fritzing can then bundle the file into an FZPZ. This can ease the workflow for developers who use external editors to create parts.
  • Selection dropdowns are transparent #3848
  • stroke-width not inherited when exporting to Gerber #3843
  • Incorrectly configured fzp file crashes parts editor #3839
  • Invalid .FZP file causes a segfault #3838
  • Error when updating parts #3836
  • Platform, Board and Port menus are a barely readable white on grey on macOS #3833
  • Silkscreen path not appearing in Gerber output #3809
  • Arduino Nano Export SVG Missing #3782
  • GUI is blocked for up to 2 minutes until the check is complete #3677
  • Duplicating a net label in schematic view causes phantom ratsnest connections to appear. It cannot be deleted either. #3340
  • Net label copy bug? #2308
  • Interesting stuff happens when you paste formatted stuff into notes #711

New parts

  • Sony’s Spresense Boards and Camera

Updated translations

The following translations have received some care - German - French - Italian - Japanese - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Ukrainian


Big thanks to everyone who helped to make this release possible. Namely Bruno Santos Ramalhete, Daniel Gun, Josh Morgenstern, Peter Van Epp, A. Faina !

The release is available in our downloads section.

PCBs at half the price

I am happy to announce a new tariff from our PCB manufacturer, AISLER. From now on, you get 3 Arduino-sized PCBs for 11.92€ instead of 23.84€. This also applies to higher volumes, for example, 12 boards for 30 Euros. How is this possible? With the new tariff, you give them 8 days to work on your order. If you are developing your prototype and prefer the fast iterations, of course, rapid two-day manufacturing is still available. You can choose while placing the order at See all the exact details at AISLER.

New Fritzing release 0.9.6

Hello everyone! Today you get your hands on version 0.9.6. We have tested it on macOS Catalina and Big Sur, Windows 10 64 bit, and Ubuntu 20.04!

Fritzing 0.9.6


Both Microsoft and Apple have raised the bar on how to execute some code on your computer. They check the developer’s ID and warn or simply reject any program with mysterious origins. This was no issue in the past, but as regulations became stricter, more and more users had to jump quite high to get Fritzing running. We got all the certificates required and packaged and signed Fritzing 0.9.6 for a smooth setup.


This is a maintenance release. We have fixed at least ten crashes, several critical bugs, and about 30-100 regular bugs, depending on how you count. Approximately 300 issues have been closed since the last release 0.9.4.

Some of the fixes are:

  • Ground fill is connected only to the lower side #2186
  • The routing status algorithm needs to handle the part to part connections (LED in an Arduino for example). Fixes #2685
  • Export to PNG does not update until restart#3073
  • Fill image with the background before exporting, fixes #3261
  • crash when both, bus and subpart in the same part #3329
  • Override system color for notes. Fixes #3530
  • Gerber rendering moves and skips nodes in board outline #3537
  • Crash when editing connector highlight colors #3566
  • No ‘routing complete’ message when no wires used to connect parts #3579
  • Override system color for parts bin list #3600
  • Two parts connected via breadboard don’t route #3616
  • font-size px is the same as user coordinates and can be ignored #3619
  • design rules check not seeing all of the copper for specific part #3647
  • If the property is empty, take the default one. Fixes #3648
  • White note text #3657
  • Dashed line is gone in breadboard view after moving element #3683
  • Gerber export missing and moving some custom PCB cutouts #3686
  • A typo in german translation #3694
  • Finish pending move operation before deleting an item. Fixes issue #3697
  • Ignore breadboard and schema wires when setting PCB layer count #3699
  • Deselect all items before exporting an image to PNG or JPG. Fixes #3712
  • Export PNG without selection rectangles #3712
  • 2.2mF capacitor #3713
  • Fritzing 0.9.4 crashes on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 #3747
  • Export as image, toggled layers not honored #3771
  • Fix the number of allowed digits within the resistor regex
  • Fix bug that prevented trace width for autorouter to be remembered
  • Fix SVG path element parse and matching of extra graphics to PCB connector pad
  • Fix broken duplicated network calls
  • Fix nullptr dereference
  • Workaround: show a white icon instead of nullptr crash
  • Fix crash when SVG file was not found


It is now possible to store multiple parts in one fzpz (Fritzing part package). This will make it more convenient to handle and share a group of parts. Older versions of Fritzing should show an error message and only load the first part in the file. So it will take a while until this feature becomes fully usable.

New parts

The majority of new parts have been created in the forum and can be found there. However, besides fixing issues with some parts, we also integrated a few to the core library.

  • Raspberry PI 4B
  • Kameleon STM32F board
  • Voltage regulators
  • Heltec Wifi Lora 32 V2
  • HiFive1
  • More predefined capacitors

Updated software stacks

We updated to a newer version of C++ and Qt5 libraries. On Mac, we use the 5.15.2 release of Qt; on Windows 5.12.10; on Ubuntu, we use the one that comes with Ubuntu 20.04. Increasing the C++ version to C++14 enabled some cleanups in the codebase, which will benefit Fritzing in the long term. This sounds like an internal thing, not important to users. But by bumping up to the latest libraries, we have fixed countless quirks and were able to discover and fix some severe bugs.

Updated translations

The following translations have received some care

  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

What happened to 0.9.5?

We had a development build named 0.9.5d around for a while, although we never published an official release. To avoid mixups, we skip 0.9.5 and proceed with 0.9.6.

Big thanks to developers

Joshua Scoggins, H. Phil Duby, and A. Faina!

Head to the downloads section, and we hope you will enjoy using it!

Fritzing maintenance release 0.9.4

End of 2019, we crafted a maintenance release of Fritzing, version 0.9.4. There was no announcement on this blog, as things were quite in movement. So, as we add it, the following is old news. fritzing 0.9.4 release class=

Version 0.9.4 is a maintenance release. There are few new features, but we fixed some of the bugs.

Critical bug fix for autorouter

Fixed a memory corruption that would cause random crashes. Thanks to Filipp Mikoian for your help.

Color-coded wires
A new option was added to colorize wires according to their length automatically.
Transport Layer Security

Long overdue, Fritzing now uses transport layer security for all links. This will mostly affect the part updates, since parts are hosted at github, and they will not allow unsecured access for much longer. For some time, the Fritzing website continues to allow HTTP for older versions of the Fritzing application. This way, update checks, and the projects gallery will continue to work.

Fix a bug where Fritzing would potentially search the whole disk for parts

Depending on installation location, Fritzing might try to search many subfolders for its parts. Depending on the machine's speed and directory structure, this would take a long time, during which Fritzing would show "Application does not respond" or similar. The workaround was to wait about ten minutes until it finishes, as it only happens on the first start. This annoyed many users, our apologies, this behavior should be fixed now.

No 32 bit builds
We don't provide 32 bit builds of Fritzing anymore. It might still be possible to build for 32 bit.
Under the hood

We dropped Qt4 support

Continuous builds for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This means faster release cycles in the future.

Use libgit 0.28.1

New/updated Translations
  • Russian thanks to Alexey Loginov
  • Indonesian, thanks to Rizqy H
  • Slovak, thanks to jose1711
  • Slovenian, thanks to Filip Stamcar
  • German
  • French
  • Bulgarian, thanks to Lyubomir Vasilev

Thanks to Chris Mayo, Peter Van Epp, Ben Williams, Michael Anderson, and Roman Vekshin. Thanks to the guys at, without whom this release would not have been possible.

Fritzing Fab now powered by AISLER

Your trusty PCB production service is taking a big step! Effective today, Fab is powered by AISLER, a smart and affordable electronics manufacturing service. Fritzing Fab powered by AISLER class= Yes, Fab has always been that, but with the support of our new partner, this will improve on all levels:
  • Smart: Fab now automatically renders high-res previews of your Fritzing files, so it’s much easier to check for mistakes. Plus it acts as a repository for your projects, enabling you to revise and share.
  • Affordable: The prices per cm2 are radically lowered, the checking fee is gone, shipping is free from 30€ – and you will get 3 copies per default. (Example: 1 Arduino Shield with the old Fab used to cost 42€ when ordering from Germany, now it’s 31€ and you’ll get 3!)
  • Manufacturing: The PCB is of even higher quality (three times as precise and with gold contacts) and still proudly made in Germany. Very soon you’ll be able to order parts alongside the PCB, and more services are on the roadmap.
The guys at AISLER made this an easy choice for us. Not only do they offer these excellent specs, but they also share the same friendly maker attitude all the while putting quality first. They are also based in Germany, in the up and coming Euregio area at the Dutch border. And they’re on a mission to build the production service we always wanted: The PCB is only the first step, next is parts, and eventually you’ll be able to order full projects - even assembled if you like. The ultimate goal is to create a maker market where you will get a share when somebody else produces your designs. Fab Preview class= A live preview of your board (Thanks to NITOS for providing these beautiful board designs) With every change one has to say goodbye to a couple of things one has come to love. The black on white design will be replaced by the more standard white on green (aka “professional looks”). We made sure it’s beyond what you get elsewhere, with matte green finish and golden pads! Give it a spin at – we hope you’ll enjoy the new service!