Fritzing 1.0.3 released

Fritzing 1.0.3 is a maintenance release. It has been tested on Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, and Ubuntu 24.04. It is designed to work on all Linux variants with glibc >= 2.31 (64-bit Intel/AMD).

Fritzing 1.0.3

Changes since 1.0.2.


A number of issues with schematic multiparts have been fixed. Basic operations like Undo/Redo on multiparts and their subparts were lacking and are now complete.

Subparts can be used to clean up the schematic view. This example shows a 4001 Logic IC. The gates can be freely arranged to gain a much cleaner and more readable look:

Dark Mode Bugs

Several bugs where Fritzing was not readable in Dark Mode have been fixed.

OS Requirements

The minimum macOS Version is Big Sur. Windows 10* or 11 are supported on x86 CPUs. For Linux, we need glibc >= 2.31 and OpenSSL 3. The latter OpenSSL requirements typically mean Ubuntu 22.04 or later, but Fritzing should also run on Ubuntu 20.04.

*) Very old versions of Windows 10 that have not been updated since 2016 are not supported!


If you have a close look, you will see that we started work on a transitory simulator. This feature is not yet finished. You can try it by starting Fritzing in debug mode (-d option). It may not work at all, or even crash, though. There is still a lot missing.

GitHub Issues

In addition, with some overlap, here is a list of issues that have been resolved for the 1.0.3 release .

The release is available in our downloads section.