Fritzing Starter Kit crosses 1500!

The Fritzing Starter Kit has been our first attempt in late 2009 to try to generate funding for Fritzing by ourselves. We weren’t sure at all whether it would work out – luckily it turned out to be a big motivation for us and to continue along this way. The kit is very popular and has just crossed 1500 sales!

It’s great to see that our customers are coming from all over the world, from individuals, companies, universities, and secondary schools. Sometimes we get mails from our customers telling us how they are using the kits for classes, which is a great way for us to learn how to improve the kit as well as the Fritzing software.

If you haven’t noticed, the kit is also now available through our resellers tinkersoup and watterott, so that you can get some other gadgets with your order.

To commemorate this nice event, Stefan Hermann has built us a little sales clock that alerts everyone in the IXDS office about a new sale with a nice ka-chinggg (we’ll upload this project soon). Stefan has also been working on a kit update so that it now contains a piezo speaker, a temperature sensor, big resistors and a zener diode for a lot of new project ideas. The next thing will be an “extension kit”, stay tuned!

Stefan Hermann