New fritzing release 0.9.3b!

Finally, here’s a fresh release of fritzing, coming with a nice set of new features. Head on over to to grab it.

github parts repo

Here’s what’s new:

Continuously updated parts library

The fritzing parts library is now stored online at github and is automatically checked
for updates on every launch. This means you will now get new parts (or fixes) in the moment when they are created. No need to wait for the next Fritzing release to get new parts anymore!
And we are actually using git itself inside of fritzing to do these updates, so this opens up many other use cases in the future, like for example direct user contributions.

Critical bug fix for messed up PCB traces

Many of you have been plagued by an annoying bug that occasionally caused PCB traces to get loose and flip around. It proved to be really tricky to track down but it’s finally fixed, sigh.. Plus, the fix will recover any files that have been mangled by this bug. 🙂

High-DPI display support

Fritzing now looks properly on High-DPI (aka Retina) displays on all platforms. It’s not really high-res but scaling nicely according to the higher screen resolution. No more eye squinting with your fancy 4K screen!

Easier handling of self-created parts

Custom / self-made parts and bins used to be stored in a hidden location on your hard
drive, which made it really annoying to edit them with an external tool such as Illustrator
or a text editor.
They are now conveniently located in your ~/Documents/Fritzing folder for easy access!

Load/Save uncompressed fritzing files (.fz)

You can now alternatively save your fritzing sketches as an uncompressed set of files (.fz
plus additional custom parts etc). This allows for proper versioning with systems like git or svn. For regular use, we still recommend using the standard .fzz format, which by the way is just a zip bundle of these files.
Thanks to Sergio Oller (zeehio) for this contribution!

File type associations & icons

fzz, fzb, fzp, etc. now also have shiny file icons on Mac OS X (thanks to scribblemaniac)
and Ubuntu Linux (thanks to el-j).  To get them to actually show up, you will need to wait a little on Mac for them to override the cache, and on Linux  you have to run the script.

New Parts

Loads of new parts, many of them contributed, and all  revised by Fabian Althaus (el-j):

Lots of new SparkFun parts, thanks to support from SparkFun:

Contributed parts:

New/updated Translations

  • Czech, thanks to Vasekdvor
  • German, thanks to Atalanttore and aknoerig
  • Italian, thanks to Gianpaolo Macario
  • Polish, thanks to jacekjaros
  • Portuguese, thanks to Bruno Ramalhete
  • Spanish, thanks to bazza
  • Turkish, thanks to Kaan Özdinçer
  • Vietnamese, thanks to Duyệt Đinh Xuân

..and various smaller improvements and fixes, including contributions from Duane Johnson, Luke Benstead, Nicolas Raynaud, scribblemaniac and duff2013. Thanks!

147 thoughts on “New fritzing release 0.9.3b!

  1. Downloaded release 0.9.3b, but when I try to start the program I getting a “system error ” MSCVP120.dll and MSVCR120.dll are missing. Ive reloaded the software three time and also did a search for the missing files. My original release 0.9.2b works fine.

    I am currently running Windows 10, 64 bit

  2. Have installed both the 2012 and 2015 redistributables , SFC /scannow to fix the same problem of missing dll- MSVCR120 & MSVCP120. on Windows 10 64bit. (2012 – 11.0.61030, 2015 – 14.0.23026.)

  3. with reboots in between. going to try re-download the windows 64 bit files. and see if this fixes the problem.

  4. On Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 64-bit, Unity desktop, 1920×1080 display with 1.25x display scaling, new Fritzing is unusable.

    First, everything looks way too big (something like 1.5 or maybe 2x), leaving only a small portion of working area.

    Second, any time you click on menu, application seems to instantly resize itself to become bigger (wider) than the screen, leaving most of right toolbar inaccessible – once this happens, the only remedy is restart – application won’t let you resize it back and maximization gets bugged – application still remains much wider than the screen, but it also positions itself leaving around 25% of left screen space blank.
    Finally, working area now appears pixelated, independently of zoom level.

    Previous version worked just fine and although some parts, particularly on right toolbar, appeared a bit too small, but at least it was usable.

    Is there any command-line flag to stop this scaling nonsense?

  5. I recenly installed Fritzing release 0.9.3b on my Windows 7 Professional 32-bit system. It was not a very fast machine and it had 4 G RAM. The program start very well in the begining. I draw a two motors contral circuit. After I used PCB autorouting, it stopped to work and closed down. My PC had been shout down and reboot again, it did not solve the problem. Everything last for the same problem. I clean up all the registry with a registry clean up program. I checked the virus with a trustable virus scan program and it did not had any bad result. I turned on and off the Fritzing program many times, it had the same problem again and again. I did not know that what can I do right now!

  6. Many parts missing. Like keypad, common relays, gsm modules. And custonising your own part is really really tough. Do something please

  7. I tried on 2 different laptops Win10 the downloaded versions 64b as well as the 32b of the Fritzing release 0.9.3b. The installation gave no problem. As y try to start-up the program the map core parts loads up to a 100% but when loading a new sketch it stops at 49%.The main page that appears in few seconds later on the screen appears to be frozen. No way to use this program. Could someone help me?

  8. I thought I was dead in the water during install.. I’m on Windows 10, 64-bit.

    I downloaded the 64-bit, unzipped it, ran it, and the first screen pops up (and it shows a few loading screens, showing various things being loaded). After the loading finishes, the window is sitting there with a welcome message, but if I go to click on anything on the window, it locks up, and a message in the titlebar says “Not responding.”

    I tried a few times, and then downloaded the 32-bit.. same thing is happening.

    Tried the 32-bit again, just now, to accurately report the error message, and this time, after I got the lock message, it held the screen locked as its been doing, but while I’m typing here, a new window has popped-up after about three-four minutes, it says:

    Modified Files
    New or modifed file in the parts folder ‘C:/…etc.. /fritzing-parts’. These changes will be discarded by the update. Fritzing can proceed with the update, but the set of files listed below must first be cleaned (removed or reset). It may take a few minutes.
    Do you want to proceed with cleaning these files?
    followed by a list of a bunch of things ending with the word “placeholder.txt” at the end of each entry.

    If this is standard for a new install, you might want to warn about it, or suppress the dialogues, and have an install screen.. I had given up waiting, each time, for the past 5 tries, forcing it to close each time, and was about to give up on this completely.

    I clicked on “ok”, and now THAT window says it’s “not responding”…

    Ok, waited it out, and now a new popup says “There’s a parts update available.”
    Hit “Update now” (or whatever that button was).. a loading windows with a progress meter appeared, and the green meter filled-up to 100% within 4 seconds.. and now that’s just sitting there.

    Ok, 15-20 seconds later, it’s claiming success, and saying Fritz needs to close.

    Closed it.
    Reopened it, it loaded parts with the popup progress bars.

    and… fingers crossed…

    ok.. it’s working now.. probably better in 64-bit, but I don’t wanna risk it.

    1. Mike the exact same thing happened on my Windows 32bit machine but I probably did not wait long enough when it froze on 4%. I downloaded the earlier version 0.9.2b and it works fine, I don’t know weather to go ahead with 64 bit on my 64bit machine.

  9. Qt5Svg.dll, Qt5PrintSupport.dll, Qt5Network.dll coudl not be foudn when I tried to load the 64-bit version of 0.9.3b on Windws 10 64-bit.

  10. This release will not install on my XP service pack 2, 32 bit computer . Gives error:
    API-MS-CRT-RUNTIME |-1-1-0.dll missing.
    Got the update file from Microsoft and tried to install it. Unfortunately the 2015 version used in the new release is not compatible with Win XP. Is there an older install i could try that is known to work with XP service pack 2? I would really like to keep using this computer for Arduino and Fritzing work if I can…

  11. Tentei instalar e esta dando o mesmo erro relatado por Rick Daves. ” API-MS-CRT-RUNTIME | -1-1-0.dll ” .
    Sistema Win7 profissional

    1. I have got the same error reported by Eduardo Santana and Rick Daves. ” API-MS-CRT-RUNTIME | -1-1-0.dll ” running Win7 Professional 64 bits at work.
      At home using my Win 10 Pro it is working fine using the same installation file 64 bits.

      1. I notice that I have copied the “API-MS-CRT-RUNTIME | -1-1-0.dll ” from a hard drive search at home and pasted into the Fritzing folder at work, but now it is showing a Runtime Error Windows Message Box with just “Click ok to close the application” button. The file copied was found in several folders with the same timestamp everytime, then I think there are many other dependencies to take account for the program to run. I have tried to install VB Express, C++ 2008 and 2010 redistribution without any change for the error condition.
        Could you please provide a workaround or a complete installation for this new version. Thanks in advance!

  12. On Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I tried Fritzing a long time back and found it pretty good and one of the only decent packages with a native Linux option.

    Unfortunately the package in the repos won’t update parts, can’t find a decent tutorial to get the binary installed (should it really need one?) unless you’re happy to leave it in ~/Downloads, it crashes my taskbar out each time I close the application so I have to reboot and even the binary won’t accept the github download so I had to download the master-zip and do it manually on the CLI.

    I hovered over the $40 donation for the download but I’m thinking it might have to wait until it’s out of beta and stick with the extra learning curve of Kicad until then.

  13. Hi to all, I ‘ ve installed release 0.9.2b on Lubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17.04, both works perfectly.
    I Downloaded release 0.9.3b, 64 bit, unzipped in a folder on desktop of both Lubuntu and Mint Op. Sys, just click on Fritzing file script and all appears to work fine; but at Print command under File dropdown window, I can only print a PDF file, the choice / sending print job to my Canon 4900 printer disappears.
    Is this a feature / choice of programmers,
    or a problem of 0.9.3b beta release,
    or a problem of Lubuntu and Mint distributions
    or a defective installation of packet from mine?
    Thanks in advance for your kindly answer.

  14. This release has failed to star on my XP service pack 3, 32 bit computer .
    Unable to locate component because :API-MS-CRT-RUNTIME |-1-1-0.dll was not found.
    Is there an older install i could try that is known to work with XP service pack 3?.

  15. me neither,
    maybe they haven’t made a release for install on the raspberryies yet?
    The version I got is 0.9.0 beta from 11-6-2014
    apt-get upgrade does nothing

  16. I have just down loaded Fritzing 30min ago so excuse me if I am on the wrong page for enquiries. I have a 50 year old mig welder that is brilliant, the only trouble is the pcb is now held together with glued silver paper and wire soldered to parts of the tracks underneath, I have the schematics and, parts values in the instructions booklet. So does anyone know if it would be possible to take a photo or scan the board, or schematic drawing and get a new pcb to for rebuilding. Many thanks, Stuart

  17. They know because it blocks version 0.9.3.b, I’m using Windows 10. Previous versions did not give problems.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. I downloaded release 0.9.3b, but when I try to start the program I getting a “system error ” program stack as address 0xc0000022. I tried to download again the software and to reboot the computer but I get the same message.

    I am currently running Windows 7, 32 bit

    thank you

  19. #I downloaded release 0.9.3b, but when I try to start the program I getting a “system error ” program stack as address 0xc0000022. I tried to download again the software and to reboot the computer but I get the same message.

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