New Fritzing version 0.9.2b released

Hi everyone, here’s a nice little Fritzing update!

New Parts

This one brings you a bunch of the latest new popular parts, several of them created in collaboration with their (hardware) makers:


  • RaspberryPi 2, the new version of the Model B
  • WeIO, the web of things platform (thanks to WeIO)
  • RaspIO Duino microcontroller (thanks to RaspIO)
  • DQuid IO microcontroller (thanks to DQuid)
  • STM32 Nucleo microcontroller (thanks to Colin Grant)
  • SODAQ Mbili microcontroller (thanks to SODAQ)
  • Netduino Plus2 microcontroller (thanks to Colin Grant)
  • SIM928A GSM module (thanks to Pierrot)
  • Large 8×8 LED matrix (the one used in the Fritzing Creator Kits)
  • WS2812, the popular RGB SMD LED
  • Plus various part bug fixes to pin headers, FET, Arduino FIO & Yun

New Translations

  • Romanian, thanks to titus08

Head to the Downloads section and enjoy!

47 thoughts on “New Fritzing version 0.9.2b released

  1. Thanks for the update! 🙂

    It seems like there is no source code download available. The source download link directs to github but there is no 0.9.2b release either. Could you add a source zip again or create a release at github? This would make packaging much simpler.

    1. Same comment here. The source code zip is not available for download. I am maintaining fritzing.SlackBuild script at Please provide the link to the latest source file.

  2. estamos montando una feria tecnologica en la escuela donde trabajo y me gustaria llevar un proyecto que encienda y apague las luces de una casa en determinados tiempo de forma automatica

  3. Hi! I’m really happy with Fritzing and I plan to send a board to fab this week. But since 2 week ago I am having some issues when saving the *.fzz.
    When I open again the document, the routes are in the same place but it seems that the software mix up the location of the bend points, and the routes go back and forward. This causes that I have to delete and trace again the routes that are mixed up, that is very annoying.
    Have anyone else notified this issue?

    1. In some cases erasing Fritzing configuration folder is enough to recover (in linux this is the directory ~/.config/Fritzing). I save and make a backup copy of the fzz file at every significant change. It makes sure that when the file gets corrupt I just lose the last few minutes of work.

  4. Hello.

    I would like to know if there’s an interest in making breadboard emulation more sophisticated and complete. Currently I see a lack of of classic parts like 40xx and 74xx series.

    I tried MultiSim Breadboard and I find it the best, it features a very large set of made components that can be simulated and there’s lots of Breadboard models to choose. Currently I have serious issues with the breadboard process, maybe because I have severe spatial issues too. A virtual breadboard helps me a lot in the process. I think this can be a good example for Fritzing as an Open Source alternative to it.

    Why can’t libraries be shared among all FOSS EDA software? It would be great and make this more easy in the long run, I suposse it requires a very difficult task to change it and standarize formats between each software.

    What I would love? Something like LibreOffice but for EDA: A suite of software for EDA that meet different needs, but sharing codebase and interoperable. For example, able to design a schematic and make a breadboard or make a breadboard and convert to schematic-pcb.

    Best regards.

  5. This program is very useful but has huge problems with performance.
    After loading big bitmap or work with large number of components is unresponsife and useless. That is big problem. Can authors solve this?

  6. Downloaded latest Windows 32bit Fritzing version this morning. Running MS Windows Vista on PC.

    Double clicked on Fritzing.exe and the following error message comes up (previous Fritzing versions work fine):

    Error Title: Fritzing.exe – No Disk
    Error Message: There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk3\DR3

    Fritzing crashes when I close the error message. Any clues as when I search online for this error nothing comes up.

  7. I wanted to clarify my previous post. The problem occurs with all 0.9… versions but not with previous (0.8… and before) versions.

  8. My above Fritzing Problem has been solved. For whatever reason my Dell computer had other hard drives listed even though they did not exist. Once I manually removed these “fictitious” drive letters (E:, F:, G: & H:) from my Windows Vista File Management system the latest version of Fritzing would load. As previous 0.8 versions had worked on my computer maybe this is some new code in the 0.9 versions that needs review.

  9. Hi!
    Can anyone from contact me, please? I can’t register. I haven’t received any verification messages.
    rimbotede on hotmail |dot} com

  10. Waiting for 1 year plus for updated version to be uploaded to Ubuntu. But still not updated Ubuntu repository. Is there any smell of fish in the latest version? I am not going to download until you all update the Ubuntu repository. Thanks, very helpful program though. Something better than nothing!!! Firtzing Ubuntu Version 0.8.5 (b8b2c 2013-12-16) [Qt 4.8.4]!!!!!!!!

  11. I seem to have lost my search in the parts bin in this version of Fritzing, any way to get it back? I am running Windows 10 and the search bar was there initially. Thank you, if this isn’t the correct forum, please advise.

    1. Good day , when i run install 64 bit and expand , nowhere can i find “exc”to start the program . I am running windows 10 . Would you please help as it seems a fantastic program exactly what i need for 1 and 2 sided boards . thank you…. Alan

  12. Hi there,

    Well, there some problem with saving of PCB. All traces getting to full mess after saving. 🙁 It makes all useless. 🙁

    MAC OS version. 9.2b

  13. Is there any smell of fish in the latest version? cuz ubuntu did not update the latest version yet!!!! one year plus!!!!!

  14. NOT AVAILABLE in UBUNTU, still waiting 1 plus year, if the latest version not available in UBUNTU, means has lots of FISH SMELL in this latest software. Or did not pass UBUNTU security!!!!!! So should be cautious to use it. Also heard above, no source code available, so its close source too.

  15. Hey there
    I installed on PCLinuxOS, Fritzing 0.9.2.
    When you start it displays the following message:
      -we Have a Problem with the swapping mechanism-.
    I read that this is a problem with:
    That file is on my system:
    I copied to:
    / usr / share / fritzing
    That’s where the executable is Fritzing
    The problem persists.
    What can I do?
    From already very grateful for your attention.

  16. I have just begun to use Fritzing. I opened a new project and inserted a NE555 timer into my breadboard view. Changing to the Schematic view and the pinouts are different. Can anyone tell if this is by design or possibly the drawings.

    Regards and many thanks,

  17. I have been working with the Fritzing for a few days now. There are numerous bugs throughout the 9.2Beta. Before I go into those issues, the tools and components are great. The program is easy to use and it has the basics needed.
    Now onto the issues for the OS X version:
    1) Save often – program crashes about every 15-20 minutes. You get error pages strewn with errors.
    2) If you layout the schematic or breadboard, watch for stray lines. Things don’t always connect as you think they do.
    3) Do NOT use auto routing. This is especially true if you manually routed connections in either the breadboard or schematic page and you want to layout your pcb. Using autoroute screws up the hard work you already completed.
    4) Did I mention it crashes a lot?

    Look, for the price its a great start. But not releasing an update for over a year is not a good sign. The bugs are too plentiful if you get serious and want a true pcb made from your breadboard project. There are plenty of pcb fabricators with free software that you can use. Eagle is one software many people like. You pay for it, but there is a free lite version available. The downside is that you don’t have the arduino or raspberry pi components pre-made already. This is not a big deal if you want to go to electronic manufacturer sites and download their part files. It takes time, but everything is available.

    Bottom line, I’m not going to spend much more time on this promising software until the bugs are addressed. I am willing to spend money on a better solution to get things done faster and without the nuissances. Plus, given the lack of updates and no responses from the author I am thinking there is no support for the software and that it is stagnant.

  18. Absolutely awesome software, so easy to use.
    Is there a way to scan an existing PCB and then bring the image into Fritzing so I can trace it and create a new PCB layout? Thanks

  19. when i try to run exe file in downloaded folder it shows error “the program can’t start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer.” how can i fix this problem?????

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