“Eyes of the IoT” workshop at Mobile World Congress

Our colleagues at design studio IXDS will hold a workshop during Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona. Together with tech company Rambus and facilitator MLOVE, the workshop will investigate the opportunities of Rambus’ new image sensors. They are so tiny, inexpensive yet powerful, that they can be integrated into almost any IoT device.

The workshop will take place on coming Monday, March 2nd. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for MWC, the workshop itself is free. Just RSVP to the mail address in the invitation.

Eyes of the IoT Workshop Invite

7 thoughts on ““Eyes of the IoT” workshop at Mobile World Congress

  1. You don’t need a ticket for MWC – the workshop takes place at 4YFN, which is the cooler, more innovative and maker-like event during MWC. And we have some free tickets for 4YFN for the participants of the workshop

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