New fritzing release 0.9!

090b-release We’re happy to announce the release  of a new fritzing version! It comes with a bunch of improvements on the inside and outside. Here’s the scoop:

Upgrade to Qt5

Fritzing is written on top the Qt cross-platform application framework. We have upgraded to their latest version Qt5, which brings stability and speed improvements (especially for Mac OS X users). This also enables us to port fritzing to Android, iOS, etc. — that is, in theory. We still need to give that a try. Thanks to Jonathan and contributor Rohan Lloyd!

Major part family additions

This release brings a number of new parts, especially a number of popular microcontrollers, as the result of several collaboration efforts:

  • ADI analog parts, which make use of split schematics and SPICE output, a new feature sponsored by Analog Devices we will write more about soon
  • Intel Galileo, sponsored by Intel Education
  • Arduino Yún, supported by Arduino
  • Linino One, sponsored by doghunter
  • ChipKIT WF32, MX4 and shields, thanks to Digilent (more to come)
  • Spark Core, thanks to spark community member technobly
  • Atlas Scientific sensors, thanks to Atlas Scientific
  • more Raspberry Pi versions (A, B, B rev2)
  • Teensy 3.0/3.1, because we love it
  • several contributed parts, thanks to FrodeLillerud and others

In addition, there are  several new PCB shapes for Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, SparkCore that will make your boards look cooler. Here’s a snapshot of the Intel Galileo shield in action for the Data Monster: Galileo DataMonster Fritzing Shield Finally, the usual set of bugfixes, and nicely updated translations: French (thanks to Arnold Dumas!), German (thanks to atalanttore!), Ukrainian (thanks to netavek!).

Download Fritzing 0.9.0b here. And while you’re at it, kindly consider donating. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “New fritzing release 0.9!

  1. I think there will be some bugs left to squash (snapping of parts and autorouting for example) but this is so much faster on a Mac. Thank you very much!

  2. No, I would have to do a more thorough test to write a proper bug report and it doesn’t really bug me. The snapping of parts seems to work correctly on Linux and the autorouting of PCBs sometimes work, so I’m not sure.

    1. These might not necessarily be bugs: The snapping cannot always succeed if not all pins are on the grid. The algorithm always picks pin number 1 and snaps it, the other pins follow that.
      The autorouter sometimes also cannot succeed, have a loot at issue 2935.
      But obviously it’s sometimes confusing and we might need to fix the UI in that case.

  3. Hello there,

    how can i get the fritzing library of Adafruit pn532 nfc/rfid shield or probably a related one. i need one urgently for a project i am working on.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi, how to test the LDR sensor, am i doing miss it or there is no flashlight or maybe laser to test the LDR and other sensors ?

    one more thing, i didnt c the search feature in this website also in the tools

    thank you anyways for the free tools, im really enjoy it

    this is really really realllyy awesome tools,, im really apreciate to all of you guys,, thanks for the free tools,, im really want to donate if i could, but i dont have credit card 🙁 , sory for my poor english, im not from englan anyways,,

    but im sure with this free tools there will be many many and many more people joining this org, and it will be great strong and large org in the future for the tech.. keep moving fritz,

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