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You might have noticed the little Google Ad placed in the right column of fritzing.org, and we hope you don’t mind!
We have started experimenting with embedding ads into our websites and you will likely see more of this over the coming weeks. Fritzing is in need of additional revenue streams to continue to serve you with the coolest electronics tool and keep it free-as-in-freedom.

In March we started to combine downloads with donations, a model pioneered by our friends at processing.org. More than 200 fine people have donated since then, thank you so much! It has shown us again that you are out there and continue to support us.

This is about 0.1% of the people who are downloading Fritzing, and we understand that not everyone can spare the money or sees a monetary value in using it. That’s where the ads come in. Turn off your ad blocker and remember that clicking ads effectively means supporting the website that displays it. (Disclaimer: Of course only do so if you are actually interested in the advertised product.)

And as always, let us know what you think. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A little bit of advertisement

  1. How about setting up a Patreon page?

    I’m a recent user of Fritzing, donating 50€ and hope that you’ll find a way to sustain yourselves without resorting to ads that contribute nothing to society except making webpages uglier and slower.

    Fritzing is pure awesomeness: the Fab, the projects repo, the software itself..
    It’s something precious to hobbyists that totally deserves and needs to be supported, it’s terrible that you find yourselves in financial difficulties.

  2. what about getting more from your fab service?

    just as idea: for every order (not board) one or two Euro more just as donation-
    or the option in the ordering process to donate some euros –

    i would like to order more often with your service –
    but most time my boards are relative complex and i am just faster with designing them in KiCAD – so if you would accept this as files that would be great – i am also willing to spend some extra Euros for the additional work that you have with this.

    keep up the good work!

    sunny greetings stefan

  3. Hi
    Every time I open a webpage ,read a forum or do any type of search I have some sort of advertizement running . The point is that services are not free. I can understand a user becoming upset if a page takes forever to load but to be honest only %1 of the ad,s give me a problem. The ad,s that redirect me by running my cursor over it,now that,s not advertizing and has the opposite effect on me . Everyone has an opinion and mine is ….Do what is required to continue services….. oh oh that s word again !

    Good luck

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