Still issues with our website (UPDATE)

There are still a couple of issues with our website. We hope to fix them all until 2013-06-08 06:00UTC. Thanks for your patience.

BTW: our shop is still functional, you can order kits to support us. The fab service is also still operational, at least for the most part of users. The fab service will be fully operational before the next fab run, so that you all can have your boards produced.

UPDATE: Most parts of our website are operational again. There are still some problems, when uploading stuff to the projects gallery,so you can’t create new projects for the moment. And the bridge to the fab service is still flaky. We are working on these issues along with some new features.

UPDATE II: We expect the login to fab to be fully operational by monday 2013-06-09 evening (17:00UTC), so you place your orders for the fab run on tuesday in time.

UPDATE III: I am still working on the login to fab issue. I am already testing the new solution, but I want it to be 101% sure that it is working before I release it into the wild.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!