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Workshop in Berlin: REMAKE Festival

Our friends from the REMAKE Festival in Belgrade are organising it this year in Berlin and we are offering a workshop as part of the program for people who want to get started with electronics: Introduction to Interactive Electronics.

This workshop, aimed at beginners, shows the basics of ‘Physical Computing‘ with the Arduino microcontroller in the Fritzing framework. No prior knowledge is required, but it usually helps to know a little programming. If interested, please send your mini bio and motivational letter to: vedrana.boskovic@

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 5-15 COST PER PERSON: just daily or four-day Festival Ticket


1. Laptop: ideally with the latest version of Arduino and Fritzing pre-installed. If you don‘t have one, don‘t worry, you can probably share with your workshop neighbor.

2. Fritzing Creator Kit which you can buy at the workshop for a discounted price of 89€.

3. Good mood and crea- tive ideas. Fritzing is an open-source initiative supporting designers, artists, researchers and hob- byists, aiming to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product.

OHSummit 2013

Fritzing participated this year at the Open Hardware Summit for the first time! It was such a great event! We had the feeling everyone we knew, or once talked to or even heard of was there!Open Hardware Summit 2013

It was also so cool that the MIT hosted the event this year, the organisation was perfect and the venue very nice. The talks were very inspiring, but most of the exciting stuff and the interesting conversations happened in the corridor outside where the demos and posters were shown.


It’s so impressive to see how well people from the “scene” know each others, and how everyone shares very specific details on their designs and businesses so openly. In other industries this would be a well protected “trade secret” but not in here!9694305810_1b8853fbae_o

It was also very refreshing to have so many makers who want to go professional come to us and benefit from our experience in going from shipping 20 kits a month to more than a thousand. We showed on our poster the key elements of an ERP system and how to implement one. What to take care of and how to do it right.9691076271_4c4f1f506d_o


We also had so many long time fritzing users pass by and give us some feedback.

We are still on the go in the US, expect a few follow-up posts in the next few days.

We have a winner!!!

Calandria is the winner of the Fritzing Goodie Contest!

Finally, the last parts arrived today in the morning. I soldered all goodie contest finalists and tried them out.


Calandria is actually a synthesizer. Two potentiometers are influencing via a LED and light depending resistor a the outputted bird like sound. In the end the PCB size, number of components and cuteness of the product were the winning properties.

Congratulations to the other two finalists, too. Both projects are quiet amazing:

Touch my piano is sounding pretty cool, like if you would play on an old saw. It is fun and I caught myself not being able to stop. The imperial march was sounding fantastic, even if Jonathan couldn’t hear, what I was playing 😉

The Fritzing Amplifier is like a module, extending the abilities of (e.g.) the Arduino Board. It amplifies the output to drive a real 8Ohm speaker and the outputted sound has a much higher quality. If you ask me, each Arduino-Kit should contain it.

Thank you all participants for your great ideas and keep on making!

Yours sincerely,


Read also: Goddie Contest Finalists

Fritzing @ MakerFaire Hannover

We had the chance and pleasure of participating in the first MakerFaire in Germany last weekend in Hannover. It was a great chance to meet many of our users who don’t live in Berlin, also many old friends, and we also made some new friends.

We were also very excited to introduce and sell the first Fritzing Creator Kits at the MakerFaire and notice how people positively welcomed, even though there were many other kits for sale.

Below are some photos and impressions of the weekend:

Daniel and me behind the stand in our brand new kickass Fritzing t-shirts (notice the new logo).



Another angle including our homemade monster LED Matrix. – boy do we look proud 😀 –

Here is the first ever proud owner of the Creator kit. -he got a very special loving autograph- DSCF1726This one sale is very special to me: the older sister promised me that she would show her little brother how to “play” with Roboter and Dinosaurier. She’s a little ladyada!

DSCF1728It was really sweet to see this teenager explain to her father what Arduino is and what’s possible to do with it.


Father and son also bought this kit for the rainy weekends.DSCF1731

And this couple too. They said they were both curious about electronics and that they will explore this field together following the book.DSCF1732Jonathan, our senior developer was very glad to meet Fritzing users and eager to explain to them the individual projects you can build with the creator kit.

It was a great event, we will do it again every possible time!

PS: if you were there and you took nice photos of us, please send them to our email address or post them on the forum, and thank you we love you too.


UPDATE: Deadline extended! Fritzing goodie Contest


Many many of you loving Fritzing fans asked us to extend the deadline because holidays didn’t leave a lot of time to work on your submission, so the new deadline is July 29th at noon, Central European time.

We are very eagerly looking forward to discover your submissions.

(Deutsch – English version below)

Entwickle ein Giveaway-Projekt für unsere Fritzing-Kits und gewinne 500 Euro!

Es soll ein:

  • interessantes
  • nützliches
  • unkompliziert
  • überlichtschnelles Dreh-Blink-Sound-Krach-Dings-Bums entstehen, dass wir dann in unseren Kits verschicken.

Benutzt werden können:

  • Basiskomponenten wie LEDs, Button, Batterieclips, Piezos, ICs, die nicht programmiert werden müssen (z.B. NE-555)
  • Platine mit bis zu 8cm2 Größe

Um am Contest teil zu nehmen lade Deine Projektidee als Fritzing-Datei bis zum 11. July  29. July(12 Uhr CET) in die Fritzing Projektgalerie. Es muss unter Creative Commons Lizenz – Share Alike veröffentlicht werden und in den Tags muss das Schlüsselwort »PCBgoodie« eingetragen werden.

Wichtig ist die Vollständigkeit der Fritzing-Ansichten (Breadboard-, Schematische und Platinen-Ansicht) Das gesamte Fritzing-Team wird als Jury den Gewinner von 500 Euro küren.

Kriterien sind:

  • Originality
  • Simplicity
  • Fun factor
  • Usefulness

English version:

Create a give away PCB for our  Fritzing-Kits and win 500 Euros cash !

It should be:

  • interesting
  • useful
  • uncomplicated
  • hyper-lightspeed Turn-Blink-Sound-Noise-Thing’a’Bob which we can ship with our kits.

You can use:

  • basic components like LEDs, button, battery clips, piezos, non- programmable ICs (e.G. NE-555)
  • PCB up to 8 cm2

To participate upload your project as Fritzing file into the Fritzing project gallery till the 11  29 of July (12 o’clock CET). It must be published under Creative Commons License – Share Alike and the tags should contaion the tag »PCBgoodie«.

The completeness of the Fritzing-Views (breadboard, schematic and PCB view) is importand. The whole Fritzing team will elect the winner of 500 Euros!

Criteria are:

  • Originality
  • Simplicity
  • Fun factor
  • Usefulness


Fritzing @ Codemotion Berlin

Codemotion is not just another tech conference where developers and engineers attend to compare tools and argue about what’s best and what’s cool. It is a meeting point for many disciplines, hardware meets software and design in a unique and powerful combination.

We were invited to present Fritzing in the “Makers” category and we gladly accepted to do so. Fritzing was created in the first place to close the gap between creatives and electronics, to take away the fear of electrons and to transform physical computing mystery into creative material just like any text, graph or animation. We believe that Codemotion is one of the best meeting points for all people who use Fritzing, or should be using it.

Come and join us on Saturday, May 11th at the HTW in Berlin, the talk is at 16:10. You can see the page by clicking on the image below.

We are looking forward to meet you there and put a face on your projects and PCBs.



Our friend Wolf who is doing a talk about FabLabs will sell our Starter Kits at his stand friday and saturday, and our friend Stefania will do a talk about teaching kids technology.

make Munich Reisebericht

André explaining the old story

André explaining the old story

(English text see below.)

DE: Irgendwo über den tief hängenden Wolken in München erwacht die Maker-Szene, um auch heute, am zweiten Tag der make Munich, ihre Projekte zu zeigen, sich inspiriren zu lassen und sich mit anderen Makern auszutauschen.

André und ich sind mitten drin und präsentieren jedem Interessierten unser Engagement, Elektronik als kreatives Material für jeden Zugänglich zu machen. Wir präsentieren die wirklich über alle Maßen großartige Software Fritzing  und selbstverständlich auch unseren Platinenservice Fritzing Fab. Dazu verkaufen wir Starterkits und halten kleine Workshops ab.

Die make Munich selbst macht richtig Spaß. Die Halle ist sehr groß und war gestern über den gesamten Tag sehr gut besucht. Es gab viele Helfer, die emsig Tische, Stühle, Stromkabel und Getränkemarken verteilten. Wir als Aussteller wurden mit allem Versorgt, was man benötigt, um so einen Tag durchzustehen. Es gab Getränke und wirklich gute Suppen, Müsli und Kaffee – Nach der Veranstaltung zeigten sich sogar ein paar Kästen Bier. Testurteil: Sehr gut!

Zu sehen gab es übrigens eine Vielzahl von 3D Druckern, Case Moddern, Zombie Modellen, selbst fahrende Skateboards, und vieles Mehr. Hannes von eHajo führt neben uns SMD-Lötworkshops durch, hinter uns stellen die Amateur-Funker aus und die Besucher sind begeistert von dem kreativen Potential der Community. Viele der Besucher verlassen die Messe mit einem Fritzing-Starterkit im Rucksack und ich denke, wir werden einige von Ihnen in Hamburg und Hannover wieder sehen.

Heute startet die zweite Runde und wir werden bis zum Frühen Nachmittag unser Bestes geben. Leider hat mir die ICE Klimaanlage ein bisschen den Spaß verhagelt (Dose Mitleid wäre hier angemessen), sodass meine Stimme etwas schwächelt, aber wir geben Alles!

EN: Somewhere over the deep laying clouds in Munich, the maker scene aweakes to show their projects, get inspired and talk to other makers the second day at the make Munich.

André and me are there, too, and we show our engagement, to make electronics accessible as a creative material to everybody. We present the really awesome mindblowing software Fritzing and – of course – our PCB service Fritzing Fab. Additional we are selling StarterKits and make small Workshops.

The make Munich is really fun. The hall is large and yesterday visited very well. There are a lot of volunteers, carrying tables, chairs and power supplies. We as exhibitors are supported with everything we need to survive such a day. There were drinks, very good soups, cornflakes, water and coffee. I must say: Very good!

Other exhibitors were showing all kinds of 3D printers, case moddings, zombie models, self driving skateboards and much more. Hannes from eHajo makes SMD soldering workshops next to us, behind us are the amateur radio operators and the visitors are exited of the creative potential of the community. Much of them are leaving the faire with a Fritzing StarterKit in their bags and I’m sure to  see them again in Hamburg and Hannover.

Today, the second round starts and we will be there till the early afternoon. Unfortunately, thanks to the clima automatic of the ICE (this is the place to open a can of mercy) my voice is weakening, but we will give our best!

make Munich


DE: Am Wochenende (20. und 21 April 2013) findet die make Munich statt. Es handelt sich um Messe rund um die Themen 3D-Druck, Do It Yourself und Hacking. »Auf der Make Munich stehen das Basteln, Bauen, Erfinden, Experimentieren, Lernen, Recyceln, Inspirieren und Spaß haben im Mittelpunkt.«, heißt es auf der Website.

Also kommt zahlreich! Auch Fritzing wird vertreten sein. André und ich werden Euch in spannenden Workshops in die Grundlagen von Arduino und vor allem dem Platinenlayout beibringen.

Wer ein Fritzing StarterKit mit Arduino UNO erwerben will, kann das vor Ort bei uns tun.

Website: make Munich (de)

EN: This weekend (20. and 21. of April 2013) the make Munich will take place. It is a faire with topics like 3D printing, DIY – do it yourself and hacking. «Making, tinkering, crafting, experimenting, inventing, learning, recycling, insprining and fun are the focus of the make Munich.», so the website.

Fritzing will be there, too. André and I will teach you in interesting workshops in the basics of Arduino and in first place PCB creation.

You can even buy our Fritzing StarterKit with Arduino UNO. So see you there!

Website: make Munich (en)

I need your feedback

DE: Liebe Fritzing-Gemeinschaft,

DE: Wie Ihr vielleicht mitbekommen habt, arbeite ich zurzeit am neuen Fritzing StarterKit. Es wird einige Änderungen geben. Wenig benutzte Teile werden aus dem Kit verschwinden und durch andere ersetzt werden. Wir haben uns auch ernsthaft mit dem Preisschema beschäftigt, mit Umweltaspekten und der Benutzbarkeit. Es wird ein Kit, das noch mehr zu Projekten anregen soll, mit Bastelbögen und Ideen. Es wird auch eine gedruckte Dokumentation mit Beispielen und Erklärungen geben. Im ersten Schritt in deutscher Sprache, später in Englisch und Französisch.

25 Exemplare der Doku werden an der FH Potsdam im Kurs Physical Computing von Reto Wettach getestet. Ich bin aber auch sehr an Eurem Feedback interessiert und wollte Euch um Eure Unterstützung bitten! Wenn Ihr mir helfen wollt, schreibt mir bitte eine Email (stefan[at] und ich schicke Euch die Dokumentation als PDF. In spätestens vier Wochen soll dann aus Eurem Feedback und dem Feedback der Kursteilnehmer die finale Version entstehen.

Ich Danke Euch im Voraus für die Unterstützung!

EN: Dear Fritzing community,

As you may know, I’m currently working on the new Fritzing StarterKit. We will change some things. Hardly used parts will disappear and replaced by different ones. We even took a look seriously at the pricing, with environmental aspects and the usability. It will become a Kit to inspire making projects including paper crafts and ideas. There will be a printed documentation, too. Now in in German afterwards in English and French.

25 copies will be tested at the FH Potsdam in the Physical Computing course of Reto Wettach. I’m also very curious about your opinions and I want to ask for help. If you are willing to send me an email (stefan[at] and I will send you the documentation (German version) as a pdf file. In four weeks I will finish the documentation with your feedback and the feedback of the course.

Thank you very much