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Maker Camp Berlin is looking for coordinators


In August, the first Maker Camp Berlin is opening its -container- doors. The busy team around Stefania Druga of hackidemia has prepared a wonderful setup, in which 15 makers will get together for a month in a temporary makerspace.

Sign up for the opening party on August 8th, and also don’t hesitate to visit during the process.

We’ve also been told they still have a coordinator position to fill. If you consider yourself a “Master Builder & Designer”, check it out!

New fritzing release 0.9!

090b-release We’re happy to announce the release  of a new fritzing version! It comes with a bunch of improvements on the inside and outside. Here’s the scoop:

Upgrade to Qt5

Fritzing is written on top the Qt cross-platform application framework. We have upgraded to their latest version Qt5, which brings stability and speed improvements (especially for Mac OS X users). This also enables us to port fritzing to Android, iOS, etc. — that is, in theory. We still need to give that a try. Thanks to Jonathan and contributor Rohan Lloyd!

Major part family additions

This release brings a number of new parts, especially a number of popular microcontrollers, as the result of several collaboration efforts:

  • ADI analog parts, which make use of split schematics and SPICE output, a new feature sponsored by Analog Devices we will write more about soon
  • Intel Galileo, sponsored by Intel Education
  • Arduino Yún, supported by Arduino
  • Linino One, sponsored by doghunter
  • ChipKIT WF32, MX4 and shields, thanks to Digilent (more to come)
  • Spark Core, thanks to spark community member technobly
  • Atlas Scientific sensors, thanks to Atlas Scientific
  • more Raspberry Pi versions (A, B, B rev2)
  • Teensy 3.0/3.1, because we love it
  • several contributed parts, thanks to FrodeLillerud and others

In addition, there are  several new PCB shapes for Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, SparkCore that will make your boards look cooler. Here’s a snapshot of the Intel Galileo shield in action for the Data Monster: Galileo DataMonster Fritzing Shield Finally, the usual set of bugfixes, and nicely updated translations: French (thanks to Arnold Dumas!), German (thanks to atalanttore!), Ukrainian (thanks to netavek!).

Download Fritzing 0.9.0b here. And while you’re at it, kindly consider donating. Thanks!

A fresh new Fritzing shop


We have just released a fancy new online shop at This finally gives the Fritzing Creator Kit, the awesome beginner pack for everyone getting started with Arduino and Fritzing, an adequate stage.

The Creator Kit contents and variants are well explained, and we now offer free shipping for Germany and reduced international rates. Also check out the special deals for schools and universities.

Besides our own shop, you can also purchase the kit through our fine resellers.

As usual, the profit goes towards the continued development of the Fritzing ecosystem.

A little bit of advertisement

You might have noticed the little Google Ad placed in the right column of, and we hope you don’t mind!
We have started experimenting with embedding ads into our websites and you will likely see more of this over the coming weeks. Fritzing is in need of additional revenue streams to continue to serve you with the coolest electronics tool and keep it free-as-in-freedom.

In March we started to combine downloads with donations, a model pioneered by our friends at More than 200 fine people have donated since then, thank you so much! It has shown us again that you are out there and continue to support us.

This is about 0.1% of the people who are downloading Fritzing, and we understand that not everyone can spare the money or sees a monetary value in using it. That’s where the ads come in. Turn off your ad blocker and remember that clicking ads effectively means supporting the website that displays it. (Disclaimer: Of course only do so if you are actually interested in the advertised product.)

And as always, let us know what you think. 🙂


Fritzing is hiring a shop/production manager!


At Fritzing, we are looking for a committed, reliable person to take over the day-to-day management of our online kit shop and production services.

We are selling the Fritzing Creator Kit: the kit helps anyone to learn to work creatively with electronics.
You will be responsible for production of these kits (together with our wonderful team of packers), and fulfilling sales orders through our different sales channels.

We are also offering a simple, high-quality PCB manufacturing service together with our fabrication partners (Fritzing Fab).
You will be responsible for the handling and shipping to our customers.

As we intend to extend these offerings and make Fritzing an even better service for the community, you can also play an instrumental role in crafting the strategy and implementing it.

We are looking for someone who speaks German and English and who has work experience in offline/online retail, small scale production or warehouse management. This is a full time position, though we can talk about other models.

Send your application to [email protected] and join our exciting team in a great location in Berlin-Kreuzberg!

Goodie Contest Finalists

We got many great submissions for our goodie contest through the projects gallery and via mail, and it is now time to announce the finalists. The overarching theme this time was definitely “sound”, which makes a lot of sense when you want to build something entertaining that has to fit into a small space.

Thanks to all participants, and special applause to finalists Zack Freedman, toylab, and Michael Franz for sharing their creations!

We will now produce these three gizmos with the current round of Fritzing Fab, and next week we will announce the winner!

Touch my piano by Zack Freedman, based on Jay Silver’s famous Drawdio, is, well, a cute little piano that generates sound with a 555 timer to a buzzer simply by touching the metal plates or attaching other things to it.

Calandria MkII by toylab is a funky little bird that generates quite convincing chirping sounds by twisting its wings. Check out the video!

Fritzing Amplifier by Michael Johannes Franz is a convenient little audio amplifier for playing your generated sounds into a proper speaker, instead of being stuck with those piezo buzzers.



New Book “Prototyping Interfaces”


We just got a note from Mark Lukas about the release of their book Prototyping Interfaces that teaches and showcases how to build interactive things with vvvv and Arduino. They used lots of Fritzing sketches to illustrate their examples. A really nice idea is that they turned the book cover into a capacitive sensor.
It’s all in German, but I assume an English version will follow soon.

Find out more at

Thanks to the team of authors: Jan Barth, Roman Stefan Grasy, Jochen Leinberger, Mark Lukas, Markus Lorenz Schilling


CNC’ing your Fritzing circuit

CNC'ing Fritzing Circuit

Our friends from FabLab Torino have created a wonderful tutorial (thanks to Federico Vanzati) on how you can prepare a Fritzing circuit for production with a CNC milling machine. It’s a relatively straightforward process using a vector software like Inkscape to convert the Fritzing DIY format to the “negative” format that the milling machine requires. The picture above shows the result. What’s nice is that they now also sourced the adequate DIY CNC machine. The Roland iModela is now available in the Arduino Store.

There have been attempts from others to mill Fritzing circuits: Checkout Don Roberts’ report, and also the tutorial from the FabLab Amersfoort (thanks to Peter Uithoven).

And then there’s still Fritzing Fab. 🙂

The Fritzmas Winners

Thanks to everyone for sending in your inspiring/cute/impressive projects via mail, Twitter, and our project gallery! It was tough for us to make a decision, let alone come up with a good set of criteria. …ta-dahhhh, and the winners are:

1. The Super Upgrade Kit goes to hdf_mjf_de for his simple, yet fun and beautifully and completely documented Beep Game! Of course the built-in Fritzing hommage had us biased.

2. The free Fab production goes to J_Hodgie for his impressive Mega Motor Shield, because of its mega-ness and for squeezing the latest bleeding edge features out of Fritzing.

3. The Edgy Motor Breakout goes to RainerWierland for his Tilduino, a handy, compact Arduino clone he built for his son, again thoroughly documented.

We also can’t resist to give a special price to another delightful project, for the simplest project with the greatest impression: Mario Böhmer’s Show Love in a Heartbeat receives a free Fritzing Fab production to turn his project into a real product.

Congratulationsto everyone, and we hope we picked the right present for you all!

This post concludes the year for us and we hope you all had a wonderful one. It certainly has been an exciting time for Fritzing, with big new features, supportive partnerships, fantastic workshops, and most of all a rewarding community. Thank you all!