A whole bunch of new tutorial episodes!


Hey Fritzing folks!

As you might have noticed we are currently busy busy bees producing new tutorial videos for you! You can find the first five already on the blog but many more are yet to come.

They will all concern the Fritzing Creator Kit and its different chapters, aiming to support you not just with our Beginners Book, but also through additional video information.

Of course we will publish not only German but also English videos.

The Fritzings hope you will like them and we are, as always, looking forward to your feedback.


2 thoughts on “A whole bunch of new tutorial episodes!

  1. Hi,

    please tell me where can i find the 4093 (schmit trigger) and 4538 and other parts to build my circle

    Thanks in advance,
    Assi Jan

  2. Hey Assi Jan,

    for these kind of questions best use our forum: http://fritzing.org/forum/

    If you want to build your own parts, here you find a tutorial for it: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/make-your-own-fritzing-parts

    And if you have done so it would be great if you used the issue tracker to upload and share your self-created part 🙂

    I hope that helped a bit!
    Best, Nushin

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