0.8.0 Released

Today we released a new Fritzing version, 0.8.0. Download it here. In previous releases of Fritzing, you could only look at the board from above, in the new release you can also look at the board from below. Furthermore, you can now place any part–THT or SMD–on either side of a double-sided PCB.

To control the point-of-view, we added a new button to the toolbar. Just click to toggle  the viewpoint from above to below, and back again.


Here is an example sketch, first viewed from above:


Now, after toggling the button, viewed from below:


You use the current point-of-view to determine on which side of a board a new part or trace will be placed–if you are currently viewing from below, then dragging in a THT part from the Parts Bin means you are pushing the part in from underneath.

You can also use the Both/Top/Bottom activation toggle to control the side on which a new part or trace is placed. So even if you are viewing from below, if only the top side is active, new parts will be placed on the top.

But don’t worry if you get it wrong or change your mind–the Inspector now has a “layer” widget to let you change whether a part is placed on the top or bottom side.

And that leads us to another feature of this release. The Inspector now has a ‘placement’ section that contains a number of controls. You can use these controls to set a part’s location, rotation, lock state, and top-or-bottom state. (In addition to the location control, we have added some basic alignment functions–top, left, right, bottom, center–to the Part menu.)

Inspector styling has been improved so that it’s clearer when a control is disabled, and when a combo-box will accept text entry (as opposed to being a pure drop-down).

You will find that it’s generally easier to select parts that are underneath other parts, in both PCB and Schematic views (and in PCB view, switching the point-of-view gives you another way to reach hard-to-click items).

Thanks to sponsorship from Analog Devices Inc., rotation and flip are now enabled for all parts in Schematic view. Additionally, part text elements in Schematic view will preserve their orientation under these transforms. Stay tuned for some other ADI-sponsored features in upcoming releases.

You can find a more complete list of changes here.

We hope you will enjoy version 0.8.0.

— Your Fritzing Team

PS. Inevitably with all the changes, there are going to be new bugs. Since the Forum is currently in a transitional state, please use our issue tracker to report problems. Take a quick look to see whether your issue has already been reported (and add a comment if you have something new to relate). If you don’t see a relevant existing issue, then click the “new issue” button to make a new report.

12 thoughts on “0.8.0 Released

  1. Fantastic news!

    Any chance you could update the bit on the front page that says the latest version is 0.7.12b?

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi Guys! Congratulations! I can’t use last version in Linux 64bit. It does not start. I use Ubuntu 11. Any other people with the same problem?

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Sorry for the belated response. Fritzing Linux binaries are built using Ubuntu 12, you may have to build from source to get it working under Ubuntu 11.

      – j

  3. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I have a similar problem as Jorge with Linux 64bit. The program starts, but crashes almost immediately and loses everything that is not saved.

    1. We actually build the Windows binaries on Win 7, 64 bit machine, and probably do the most testing under this platform, so I don’t think this is a general issue. By any chance do you have RoboForm installed–this is known to crash Fritzing if Fritzing has not been added to its “integrated application blacklist”. If the problem is not related to RoboForm, can you give a more detailed description of what is happening just before the crashes?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Sorry about your troubles–we are upgrading our website and ran into some unexpected problems.

      The deadline is today (Tuesday) at 10:00 Berlin time. You could send an email (with the sketch attached) to info .at. fritzing .dot. org, and we will try to figure out a way to proceed.

      Thanks for your patience.

      – j

  4. I cannot seem to open the edit part under Part menu it is grayed out.
    No mater what view I am in PCB, Schematic or Breadboard.

    Is there a paid version to this because I am using the free version



    1. Hi GN.

      Fritzing is free, there is no paid version.

      You have to select a part first, either in a sketch or in the Parts Bin. Have a look at Parts Editor Help, under the help menu.

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