Fritzing goes into the soyuz capsule!

soyuz capsule

No, not the one supplying the ISS but one which supplies the fantasy and dreams of children here in Berlin — but step by step.

This spring, Robert came to us to buy a Fritzing Starter Kit. I asked him what he is up to do with it and he told me that he plans to build a space simulator here at the FEZ in Berlin.

The FEZ is a center for children to explore, play and interact. The people there own a soyuz capsule which should become more interactive. Wow! What a task.

Now he emailed the first pictures. He created a simulator where children have to prepare the space ship for the flight, find the international space station and perform the docking procedure.

inside the simulator, Fritzing-made PCBs in green

Robert used Fritzing to layout all the PCBs! The final version consists of the two monitors, two Arduino Megas, 26 buttons, 38 signal lights and two joysticks. The simulator software is written in C#.

Thank you very much for these awesome insights.

Awesome work! Wanna take a ride?

3 thoughts on “Fritzing goes into the soyuz capsule!

  1. Having looked at this I thought it was rather insightful.

    . I cherish you finding the time and energy to put this stuff up.
    I must say, I most likely spent about two hours on your website.
    Oh well, it was still worth the while.

  2. Hello;
    I was wondering if you know off hand where “FEZ of Berlin” got or built their “Soyuz Capsule” for their “Orbitall” center. Or at least a contact info who to talk to. In English, my German is very limited. Thank you.

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